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  1. Kansas City, Missouri + Kansas REALTOR, 30+ years and seasoned real estate investor, 25+ years
  2. Built a million dollar plus net worth from her real estate investment portfolio
  3. Actively engages in local & national housing industry advocacy
  4. Hands on grassroots organization builder
  5. Experienced media personality
  6. Professional, experienced national speaker
  7. Engages as a community advocate and an active neighborhood leader
  8. The #1 Private Property Rights Advocate in the USA!

8 BIG Reasons!

Why Stacey?

Stacey The Wealth Builder

Generational Wealth is:

  • Homeownership
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Retirement Strategy
  • Family Legacy

So, Stacey is Fighting to Preserve Private Property Rights Daily!


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Check Out Some of Stacey’s Other Recent Speaking Engagements....

“The Real Estate Millionaire's Playbook: Empowering Agents and Clients to Unleash a Plan for Retirement & Building Generational Wealth Through Investing--Like I Did!”

(Option: Can also be a Panel Discussion Moderated by Stacey to Include Mortgage Lenders)

Stacey the Wealth Builderer



“Advocacy Masterclass: Real Estate Champions Join the Fight to Protect Clients, Commissions, and Private Property Rights From Threats of Bad Housing Policies/Legislation & Tenant Laws Through Strong Advocacy!”

(Option: Can Have a RPAC Component)

"Real Estate Champions Unleashed: Empowering Agents as Community Leaders to Become Media Influencers and Industry Experts and Creating a Client Pipeline & Plan!"

Organized & moderated a Community Town Hall with elected officials & 700+ homeowners in-person & virtual

Selected to Present 3 Topics & Moderated Panels at the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Annual Conference in Orlando, FL

Kansas City PBS TV Invited Stacey to speak on a panel in the station’s story about Affordable Housing along with the Mayor and others

Featured in a Virtual Real Estate Summit

Organized and hosted 3 Community Property Tax Appeals Workshops attended in-person & virtually by over 3,500 homeowners. Recruited over 40 REALTORS to help taxpayers

Homebuyer -Wealth Building Workshops

Organized exclusive first time Community Event with 4 former KCMO Mayors & 550+ at the public library

  • Appointed Vice-Chair of National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Property Management Forum and Commercial Committee
  • Leads, Co-Founder of KC Regional Housing Alliance representing 100,000+ rental units in the region
  • Leads, Co-Founder of National Housing Provider Coalition, representing the voice of 16million+ small, independent housing providers across the country
  • Former local Realtor association director & MO state director, MLS director & former chair of 2 advocacy/legislative policy related state committees
  • Past “Salesperson of the Year” for both local & state associations + Leadership Academy Graduate
  • Dual Masters degrees in Marketing and Management

- Catalyst for Change: Empowers others to build generational wealth through property ownership

- Expert in leveraging media for credibility and community impact

- Driving force behind a movement to protect property rights & ownership

- Inspires action and political engagement for safeguarding the industry


Stacey Johnson-Cosby

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What People Have to Say About Stacey

"Stacey is the best advocate for real estate professionals in Kansas City. ...Yes, there are a lot of people helping, but they need a person in charge that will not take no for an answer, you are that person."

"Stacey, I attended the workshop last evening, and what a turnout! I want to thank you for your time & expertise, and for moderating this challenging and energy-filled group."

Thanks for being part of this for the community, I have seen you on the news."

"...I am so proud of the way you provide great guidance, advice and assistance to others. I'm honored to know you as a peer within our profession."

"Thank you for all that you have done!! You are a true leader with a heart to serve."

'You did an amazing job. I hope to have your grace in front of an audience someday."

"I attended the workshop last night. It was very well presented, and I appreciate your efforts in putting this together."

“...Stacey Johnson-Cosby, I’m proud to know you and watch you speak up and work for Jackson County taxpayers! I love watching you on TV programs that you bless us with your time, skills and great talents!! Thank you very much for caring!!!”

I have shared with Chris my respect and admiration for your values, and for your insight on property owner/management and renters' issues, concerns and impacts, and your participation in workshops to help inform and offer bridges toward healthy community building.”

Interviewed &/or featured by these media outlets:

Stacey is a Voice For Property Owners, REALTORS and the Real Estate Industry Nationally

...And a Regional & Local Media Expert & Resource

Some of Stacey’s Media Interviews-In ACTION

Real Estate Ownership Leads to Wealth Building & a Family Legacy

Stacey Advocates for the Protection of Private Property Rights !

Meet the #1 Private Property Rights Advocate in the USA!


Community Events: Created, Organized or Participated in

A sampling....

Founding Member

Founding Member

With the Former KCRAR Presidemt on a Call to Action to REALTORS to Hellp Those Who Are Homeless

  • Housing Advocate
  • Media Influencer
  • Community Builder

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"Hey REALTORS and my Fellow Housing Advocates,

Are you ready to shake it up? I'm ready! Let's connect as we fight to save our private property rights and preserve the ability to create generational wealth through property ownership. Join me on this journey...

I hope to see you soon!

Stacey the Wealth Builder